Deep Sea Shrimp has been owned and operated by the Wood Family for 46 years. Davis Wood started the company in 1962. Today it is still running strong with the second and third generation, Dan Wood and his three daughters. We offer the best quality shrimp and take pride on our outstanding service to our customers. Since we specialize and only sell one item, Mexican West Coast Shrimp, we have a history of superb quality control and packaging. We feel that Deep Sea can offer you the finest quality product available.

We guarantee that all shrimp that we sell are 100% white Mexican shrimp caught from the Sea of Cortez. The fishermen only use boats that include a Turtle Excluder Device which is a grid of bars with an opening either at the top or the bottom of the trawl net to let bi-catch escape. Deep Sea Shrimp makes every effort to be environmentally conscious; we continue to work with our producers to ensure responsible and sustainable ways of producing shrimp.


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