Mexican wild caught shrimp come from a nutrient-rich current of the oceans or bays, where the underwater habitat is pure and the climate creates ideal temperatures. Mexico is one of the largest producers of white shrimp, which are of the species Penaeus Vannamei, Stylirostris, and Occidentalis.    These are the most popular shrimp on the market because of its delicate flavor, firm texture, and uniform color.     

Most warm water shrimp are categorized by the color of their shell (not the meat) when raw—White, Brown or Pink . Deep Sea sells both free range (headless, shell-on) from the Sea of Cortez and farm-raised shrimp from the state of Sonora, Mexico.  

All of our shrimp is packed in five pound frozen blocks, 10 to a master carton with a net weight of 50 pounds.   


Due to high demand, our premium wild shrimp is now packed Individually quick frozen (IQF) to make it easier for cooking.

We catch sustainable, wild-caught prawns and do not use chemicals to ensure freshness. Our P&D shrimp can be produced with the tail on or tail off and sold in many different sizes.

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